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June: What's New on the Site?

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Redesign of this home page with archives of prior years' articles listed at the bottom of the 2019 list. The News and Miscellaneous tab has also been split, articles before 2017 now being shown in the News Archive section. A little simplification - I hope you find it easuer to use
. - Harry Stuart.

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OAM to Roland Gridiger

OAM to Roland Gridiger

Congratulations are in order: The Order of Australia Medal has been awarded to Roland Gridiger "for service to the performing arts through administrative duties". Details here.

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Peter Keeda documents a 23-member reunion of Bernie Kresner, Estelle Adamek, Eddie Adamek, Henry ben Ezra, Arie (Flapper) Bomzon, Roz ben Ezra, George Berkovic, Geoffrey Williamson, Sarit Zehavi, Ros Williamson, Kaye Pearce, Mick Price, Erica Keeda, Paul Gottleib, Mia Price, Leo Regev, Peter Keeda, Celia Regev, Eddie Price, Miriam Barasch, Dov Rosenfeld, Effie Jacobi and Illana Spanier. Go here to get the full story! 

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Avraham and Raymonde Appel

* Avraham and Raymonde Appel visit Israel.

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Phone Call to the Next Century

New video published: 'Time warp? Phone call to the next century' took place during the 15 hours that separated Harry Stuart from Betar Melbourne New Years party participants - Dec. 31 1999 and Jan 1, 2000.

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New Videos Released

Several Videos from 1989 (Israel), 1998 & 2000 (Melbourne) have been paulished.

* In 1989, the Australian Betar community held a reunion on June 29. The raw video, which has existed now for 30 years, was edited and is presented in two parts: 1: The Interviews of Betarim and Schlichim by Jack Mirjam and 2: The Speeches, by Theo Balberyszski, Yosef Steiner and the Rosh Hanagah Olamit of Betar.

* Several videos taken by Harry Stuart during his and Elaine's visit to Melbourne in 1998 and 2000 have also been posted to the site.

Please visit the new Video Launch page to select and view them. There is a Video navigation button at the top of every page.

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The History of Zionist Movements in Australia

In the years of 2008/09, a few of us contributed material toward the thesis presented by Jonathan Ari Lander as part of his PhD in Philosophy in History. Entitled "From Zionism to Diaspora-Zionism: The History of the Zionist Youth Movements in Australia", it can be accessed here. Some 373 pages in length, downloading and finding occurences of 'Betar' or checking the acknowledgements on page v11 and starting p 351 may be a start. Most of the Betar-related information originated from the collections on this site.

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SORRY TO REPORT - Heather Rosing

In great sadness we inform you that Heather Rosing (Cohen) passed away Sunday evening.
The funeral will take place on Wed. 30th of January at 12:30 at the Yarkon Cemetery Petah Tikva, Shaar Hessed.
We shall be sitting shiva at 22 Hazamir St. Kiryat Ono, apartment 11 (third floor), from 10am to 9pm, and rise from the shiva on Tue morning 5th of February.
- Danny Rosing and family 

  * Condolences can be sent to the webmaster and can be seen

  * Danny sent a video of Heather's interview with the Social Sciences department of Ben Gurion University. In it she related Danny's and her experiences when they made Aliyah - especially her struggle with adapting to culture changes and language. Go here.

  * See also Heather's contribution to the Where we are Now section.

  * Heather's obituary was published by the Australian Jewish News, Sydney edition. Click Read More.

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SORRY TO REPORT: Shula Endrey-Walker

We are sad to report that Shula Endrey-Walder OAM passed away on Thursday 24th January 2019 in Sydney in the presence of her husband Peter, children Eva Novy and Ronny Endrey-Walder, and her brother Dov Rosenfeld, after a brief illness.
Forever in our hearts. - Dov Rosenfeld.

Shula's recorded eulogy, given by longtime friend
Rabbi Dovid Slavin, can be played from here. Condolences can be sent to the webmaster.

A few of Shula Endrey-Walder's camp photos, forwarded by Dov Rosenfeld, can be seen here. Identification of the many unknowns is invited.

Shula Endrey-Walder's obituary has been published in the Australian Jewish News (forwarded by Aaron Ninedek). It can be seen here.

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